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Author: Dr Cindy de Villiers

Wearables monitoring info

Wearables monitoring info The purpose of monitoring using wearables is to provide health alerts and measurements, so informed choices may lead to better health outcomes. We’ve found it surprising how it’s possible to think one thing and be measured as another. It’s interesting being able

How does the HRV Gauge in Analytics work?

How does the HRV Gauge in Analytics work? For the gauge, the color-coding relates to research-paper averaged weekly age/gender specific HRV stats for low, mid, high. Lower is “fight or flight – Sympathetic” and higher is “rest and digest – Parasympathetic”. As a rule of

Perceived Exertion

Readiness and Rate of Perceived Exertion

Readiness and Rate of Perceived Exertion What about readiness and rate of perceived exertion? How much should you exercise? Are you lazy for not doing that uphill run or are you supporting your body’s adaptive capacity by resting after a heavy strength training session, or
Case Study HRV

Case Study: HRV, NAD & Ooler

Case Study HRV, NAD & Ooler Nutrition & Lifestyle Basics I’ve been working on and off with nutrition and lifestyle for health and performance over the last 15 years, dropping weight by 15 Kg and doubling physical capacity. Those around me would have to judge

trans fats

Dementia tied to Trans Fats

Dementia Tied to Trans Fats A study in Japan has showed that people with higher blood levels of trans fatty acids are more likely to develop dementia in later years, than people with lower levels. Out of the 1,628 Japanese community residents (aged 60 and

Water, Cells, Life from Dr Gerard Pollack

Water, Cells, Life from Dr Gerard Pollack Call us health nerds, but this is the most interesting new development in human functioning and easy to understand. A Tedx presentation on Water, Cells & Life - think photosynthesis for humans.


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Written by Dr. Cindy de Villiers.
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