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Omic full stack

Omic Stack

Omic’s integrity lies in its origins. As the Kiwi’s say, the company was started by two men and a dog in a garage. In fact, Omic was founded out of the medical rooms of Dr. Cindy de Villiers,

Wearables monitoring info

Wearables monitoring info The purpose of monitoring using wearables is to provide health alerts and measurements, so informed choices may lead to better health outcomes.

Effective Health Interventions

Effective Health Interventions If any system doesn’t thrive in the face of the unexpected, the system is by definition fragile. To use digitalhealth for resilience,

How to use Omic

How to use Omic to enhance your Performance and Lifespan. Omic analyses the information from your Health Profile Questionnaire along with the data from your Oura Ring and weights each data point against our database of researched interventions to give you personalized performance and lifespan enhancing recommendations.


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Written by Dr. Cindy de Villiers.
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