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Dementia tied to Trans Fats

Dementia Tied to Trans Fats

A study in Japan has showed that people with higher blood levels of trans fatty acids are more likely to develop dementia in later years, than people with lower levels.

Out of the 1,628 Japanese community residents (aged 60 and older without dementia), 377 participants developed some type of dementia over a 10 year period. High serum elaidic acid levels were significantly associated. Sweet pastries appeared to be the strongest contributor to elaidic acid levels, followed by margarine, candies and caramels, croissants, non-dairy creamers, and ice cream.

Conclusion of the study

“The findings suggest that higher serum elaidic acid is a possible risk factor for the development of all-cause dementia and AD in later life. Public health policy to reduce industrially produced trans fatty acids may assist in the primary prevention of dementia.”

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