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Omic Stack

Omic Stack

Trying to find your way through? Through the conflicting information, the sale-pitches and the promises of health, weight-loss, focus, and energy? Wandering if those behind the hype are actual people?

The story of Omic

Omic’s integrity lies in its origins.

As the Kiwi’s say, the company was started by two men and a dog in a garage. In fact, Omic was founded out of the medical rooms of Dr. Cindy de Villiers, Functional MD and Neil Middleton, software engineer, on a shoestring budget (both dogs were comfortably inside on the bed).

Cindy and Neil looked for a way to take Cindy’s personalized, functional medical practice out to more people than those that could be seen in the clinic. And so, the Omic platform was developed. The platform provides genuinely personalized, evidence-based supplemental and lifestyle recommendations to individuals, bridging the gulf between what is perceived as health, and what is actually humanly possible.

However, as the platform took shape, Cindy realized that for personalized recommendations to be effective, a strong foundation was required. This was achievable in the clinic as part of the individual consultation, but for the online user, Cindy needed to know that the foundation was solid. This would allow her via the Omic platform to make more precise recommendations.

The foundation would consist of:

Multivitamin and mineral: Balance

This needed to consist of low-dose essential nutrients only. Essential nutrients are those nutrients which must be consumed in the diet. Failure to do so, leads to ill health and specific deficiency syndromes.

While the Western world is experiencing the most food abundance in modern history, it is also experiencing the paradox of obesity and wide-spread nutritional deficiency.1 The reasons for this are complex and range from the state of the soil microbiome, to the processing of food, to the state of the individual’s digestion and social interactions. For a brief discussion, see the blog on the Diet Wars.

However, high doses of nutrients, when taken randomly, may lead to unexpected consequences such as a damping down of the body’s own anti-oxidant production.2 Moreover, non-essential nutrients when taken routinely, may not only be unnecessary, but may complicate a nutritional diagnosis.

So, the Balance formula provides the essentials only. As in Cindy’s practice, starting with the basics allows the body’s wisdom in hormesis and healing mechanisms, to be in charge.

For women of child-bearing potential Balance Femme was created, providing a small amount of iron and copper. The iron, helping to offset the monthly loss of iron that occurs with periods, and the copper, essential in fetal development, in case that bundle of joy arrives unexpectedly. Please note Balance Femme has not been designed as a pre-natal or pregnancy formula.

Sleep Formula: Restore

As Cindy tells it, almost 100% of the patients seen in clinic experience suboptimal sleep. This puts them at a huge disadvantage, when embarking on the path of performance and health optimization.

An all-natural sleep formula based on ancient traditions was thus developed.

Nootropic: Focus

There are some days where everyone could do with a little help. Working towards optimal health and performance is an ongoing process with many twists and turns – and a few challenges. It is in these times that an all-natural nootropic can get you through.

We can be sleeping well, eating well, and enjoying time with our loved ones, when suddenly an unexpected event happens. This could take on the form of an unexpected deadline at work, needing to take on a side-gig to make ends meet or noisy neighbors moving in next door. This is where a natural nootropic actually helps the body adapt to the new situation making it stronger in the process.

The Omic Stack

Much to the frustration (and ultimately patience) of her business partners, Cindy would not settle for 2nd best when it came to the form and quality of the ingredients that make up the stack. The mantra of “nothing that is unnecessary and nothing that is artificial” would go into the Omic Stack. More information on each of the ingredients can be found by clicking on the link for each ingredient.

So, to start on the foundation of your optimal health and performance, Omic suggests the following:

  1. Balance or Balance Femme. Take one capsule once daily, ideally with the first meal of the day. This helps to plug any nutritional insufficiency.
  2. Restore Sleep Formula. Generally, one but occasionally two capsules can be used 30-60 mins before sleep. While encouraging usual sleep hygiene, using a sleep formula as necessary, can enhance sleep when necessary to support recovery and healing overnight. Restore should be used intermittently to encourage inherent sleep pathways.
  3. Focus Nootropic. Usually, one capsule is taken when focus and concentration need support. Occasionally two capsules can be taken but avoid taking this within 4 to 6 hours of sleep. For maximum effect, it is best to take Focus intermittently rather than daily.

Breathe a sigh of relief, you are on your way.

1. Schwalfenberg GK, Genuis SJ. The Importance of Magnesium in Clinical Healthcare. Scientifica (Cairo). 2017;2017:4179326. doi:10.1155/2017/4179326

2. Finley JW, Kong AN, Hintze KJ, Jeffery EH, Ji LL, Lei XG. Antioxidants in foods: state of the science important to the food industry. J Agric Food Chem. Jul 13 2011;59(13):6837-46. doi:10.1021/jf2013875

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Written by Dr. Cindy de Villiers.
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